Favorite Artisans

These are just a VERY few of my favorite Creators. The list is constantly growing, changing and evolving as I am.  I’ll update & refresh the list as needed.

Russ Creations – Handcrafted Jewelry & Gifts. Instagram: @russcreations2016; Shopify: Russ Creations

Itz A Queen Thing – Handcrafted Jewelry. Instagram: @itzaqueenthing

Chainmaille By Bim – Chainmaille Jewelry & Gifts. Instagram: @chainmaille_bim

Brigitte Chainmaille – Chainmaille Jewelry. Instagram: @brigettechainmaille

Nez Designs – Chainmaille Jewelry Tutorials. YouTube: Nez Designs

Rogue Maille – Chainmaille Jewelry. Instagram: @roguemaille

Karen Karon – Chainmaille Jewelry. Instagram: @karenkaron

Shay’s Maille – Chainmaille Jewelry, Clothing & Gifts. Instagram: @shaysmaille

Suave Ke. –  Hand-Crafted, Up-Cycled Bags/Backpacks Made in Kenya. Instagram: @suave_ke

Simone Melena – Watercolor Paintings. Instagram: @simone_melena

Scott David Plumlee – Chainmaille Jewelry Tutorials & Sales. Instagram:  @scottdavidplumlee & Etsy: Davidchain Jewelry

RBJ Company – HandcraftedSeed Bead Jewelry. Instagram: @rbjcompany

Beaded Creations By Kahler – Handcrafted Seed Bead Jewelry. Instagram: @by.kahler

Jill Wiseman Designs – Bead Weaving Kits, Tutorials, Patterns & Supplies.