Sweet Inspirations

Simone H. – Paper, Fiber & Watercolor Artist: Simone’s invitation to join her for that first jewelry-making class was the catalyst that got me started on my Jewelry Design odyssey. Thanks again, Moonie! Simone’s lovely watercolor paintings can be enjoyed on Instagram.

Ron H., Jr. – Self-Taught Hair Stylist; Cook; Life-Long Learner; Community Volunteer: Since the beginning of my foray into Jewelry Design, Ron has constantly encouraged me to market my creations. He even generously used his own time to field research potential buyers for my designs.

Lorraine H. -Home Decor Fiber Artist; Quilter; Fashionista; Super DIY Maven:  Artistic since childhood, Lorraine has always served as a role model and teacher in my quest to learn how to create beautiful objects and environments.

Judy B. – Educator; Writer, Community Activist/Organizer; Political & Social Trend Monitor; Fashionista: A “Social Butterfly” and voracious reader, Judy keeps me up-to-date about current events in business, politics, education, technology and emerging social, political & fashion trends.

Ann S-P – Fashionista; Auction Maven & Mentor; Social Media Monitor; Partner-In-Tomfoolery:  Ann is one of my BFFs and one of the few people outside of my family who REALLY “gets” me. She loves & wears all things that sparkle & shine, & generously gives me her “retired bling” to re-purpose. Ann is also my go-to person regarding social media news and trends.

Kathy J. – Business Maven; Business Mentor; Madcap Road Trip Coordinator: A deep thinker, one of my closest friends & a VERY savvy business owner. Throughout our long friendship Kathy has very generously shared her many areas of expertise with me.  She also spearheads THE  BEST  road trips!

Diane R. – Jewelry Designer; Fashion Designer; Crocheter; Muse; Accountability Partner; Jewelry Supply Treasure Hunting Partner:  Diane, owner of Russ Creations, is a multi-talented Artrepreneur who is assiduous almost to a fault. One of the many character traits that I most admire about Diane is her patience. Whenever I get frustrated during the creative process I can always count on her to help me to refocus. She’s a very intelligent, incessant learner with a boundless level of creativity. As a result, Diane is a prolific Jewelry Designer whose pieces will appeal to anyone who appreciates fashionable, high quality, hand-crafted jewelry & gifts. 

Queen Earth W. – Fashionista; Jewelry Designer; Fiercely Devoted Mom; Educator; “World Changer”; Muse: It was due to a lesson so generously (& patiently) given to me by this extremely talented Artrepreneur that I became proficient in (& shortly thereafter, obsessed with) chainmaille weaving. Queen Earth was already well established in her Jewelry Designer groove when we connected [Itz A Queen Thing], so I benefitted greatly from her insights and experiences that she so kindly shared with me. In addition to creating beautiful, intricate chainmaille pieces, Queen Earth is also very skilled in social media and in creating metal jewelry using fold forming & soldering techniques.  Check her out on Instagram.

Mohamed F. – International Traveler; Storyteller; Writer; Adventurer; Tea Drinking Buddy; Accountability Partner; Muse:  Although the length of our friendship is relatively short, the quality of it is first-rate.  During virtually every interaction with Mohamed I learn something new about the world, and at the very least he leaves me laughing hysterically. Either way, it’s a win for me.