The Materials Used

BEAD STRINGING MATERIALS:  Coated Stainless Steel Wire; Cotton Thread/Cord; Acrylic Thread/Cord; Leather Cord; “Pleather” [faux or “play” leather] Cord; Hemp Cord; Satin Cord; Silk Thread/Cord; Nylon Thread/Cord; Kevlar Thread; Elastic Cord; Bare Wire

BEAD COMPOSITION:  Natural Stones/Gems; Synthetic Stones/Gems; Composite Stones/Gems; Porcelain; Clay; Glass; Resin; Wood; Metal; Bone; Paper

METAL TYPES USED:  Copper; Stainless Steel; Brass; Bronze; Aluminum; Silver-Filled; Sterling Silver; Argentium Silver; Gold-Filled; Pewter♣

MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS:  Seed Beads; Semi-Precious Chips & Stones; Metal Beads; Coins; Dried Flowers; Specialty Beads (Dichroic Glass, Lampworked, Paper); Resin; Rubber; Recycled Components; You-Name-It!

According to Wikipedia: pewter “is traditionally composed of 85 to 99% tin, mixed with copper, antimony, bismuth, and sometimes lead, although the use of lead is less common today.”

“In the late 19th century lead’s toxicity was recognized, and its use has since been phased out of many applications. Lead is a neurotoxin that accumulates in soft tissues and bones, damages the nervous system, and causes blood disorders. It is particularly problematic in children:  even if blood levels are promptly normalized with treatment, permanent brain damage may persist.”

For these reasons VERY FEW Happy Eyeballz Designs are created using pewter components. On the rare occasion that pewter components are used in a design, every effort will be made to acquire those that are lead-free, pewter content information will be clearly indicated, AND the piece will be constructed in such a way that the pewter component does not come into direct or prolonged contact with skin.