A Jewelry Tutorial: E-4:1 Chainmaille Rosette Bracelet

E-4:1 Rosette Weave Bracelet by Happy Eyeballz Designs

~~~ INSPIRATION: Nez Designs – Chains of Elegance (YouTube) ~~~

Chainmaille Bracelet
Created by Happy Eyeballz Designs

The delicate and very simple European 4-in-1 Weave  serves as the foundation  for this lovely bracelet/necklace.  I learned how to create this weave by watching LOTS of different YouTube videos.  Of course, I’d be thrilled  if my tutorial alone was sufficient in helping someone learn how  to create this versatile weave, but I also believe that it’s important to consider multiple perspectives when learning new things. With that in mind, if you want further clarification on how to create just  the E-4:1 Weave, I encourage you to check out the following video tutorials: one is by  Kathy Priday of Wicked Lady Chains and one is by Vanessa Walilko of Kali Butterfly.  I found these 2 YouTube tutorials to be the most helpful to me during my efforts to learn basic E-4:1. 

Chainmaille Bracelet
 Created by Happy Eyeballz Designs

The video tutorial that I feel best demonstrates how to modify the basic E-4:1 weave by forming Rosettes is by Nez Designs. Her video  is the catalyst that inspired me to create my own bracelet and this tutorial.

MATERIALS/COMPONENTS – For 7.5 inches; [For 8 inches]

Jump Rings:  (all closed) 8mm, 18ga shiny brass jump rings, 60ct [66ct]

Jump Rings: (all open) 8mm, 16ga Antique Gold Plated [AGP] brass jump rings, 31ct [34ct]

Jump Rings:  (all open) 6mm, 16ga twisted  gold plated brass jump rings, 20ct [22ct]

Clasp/Chain Type: Your Choice


2 Chain Nose Pliers (or 1 Chain Nose & 1 Curved Chain Nose)

1 Round Nose Plier*

1 Side Cutter/End Cutter*

(*Necessary if creating a custom clasp from wire.)


To Create the E-4:1 Weave:

Start by placing 4 closed shiny brass jump rings onto 1 open AGP  brass jump ring, then close the ring.  Slip a paper clip through 2 of the shiny jump rings to serve as a handle while you build the chain to your desired length.  You’ll continue to build your bracelet/necklace,  3 jump rings at a time, by adding 2 closed shiny jump rings onto 1 open AGP jump ring, ideally using a scooping motion that will help you to avoid having to put down your pliers.

Next, hold the paper clip in your non-dominant hand and arrange the jump rings so that the configuration looks like cartoon mouse ears (per excellent metaphor and tutorial  by Vanessa Walilko),  with the 1 open jump ring situated ON TOP of the 2 closed jump rings and facing forward. You’ll know the formation and orientation  is correct if the 1 initially  open  (center) jump ring matches the curve of your thumb and the 2 closed jump rings lay underneath, flat against your index finger, next to each other.

Now, grasp 1 open jump ring with your pliers and scoop up 2 closed jump rings. (Or, you can pick up the 2 rings with your fingers and put them on the open jump ring manually;  use whatever method works best for you.) Once the 2 closed jump rings  are on the 1 open jump ring,  run the open jump ring down through one closed jump ring , then up and out through the other closed jump ring.  Close the open ring, flip apart the  2 closed  jump  rings and repeat this step until the  desired bracelet/necklace length is reached.

When the 2 closed jump rings are properly situated you’ll find this step very easy to do. Specifically, flat against your index finger (underneath the 1 open ring), and touching in the middle. 

After the appropriate length is obtained, the twisted 6mm jump rings will be added to the outer shiny outer rings, in groups of 3,  to create the Rosette effect.

To Create The Rosettes:

1] Add a second paper clip to the opposite end of your finished E-4-1 bracelet foundation. In your non-dominant hand, hold the bracelet vertically by one of the paper clips so that gravity serves to maintain the proper tension needed to easily form the Rosettes.

2] With your pliers, grasp an open, 6mm, twisted jump ring. Starting at the TOP of the bracelet on your DOMINANT side, gather the first 3 outer jump rings together from the bottom & close the jump ring.  In other words, always  gather the rings going  upwards  toward your non-dominant hand, counting 3-2-1.   Close the ring. 

3]  While still holding the bracelet in your non-dominant hand, & using the paper clip as a handle, turn the bracelet  around  so that you can repeat the process on the direct opposite side. Be sure to consistently  gather the same number of rings in the same direction & manner.  Avoid putting down your pliers whenever possible; doing so will help you to work more efficiently.

4] Mentally high-five yourself for successfully completing your first Rosette!  Repeat these steps until you have formed 10 [or 11] Rosettes.  Finish your bracelet/necklace by attaching  whatever type of clasp/length of chain  you prefer and enjoy your beautiful  new  jewelry.


  Created By Happy Eyeballz Designs


  Created By Happy Eyeballz Designs


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