Technically Speaking…

Howdy Folks!

I know that it’s been almost a month since I last posted, and for that reason I may have given you the impression that I forgot about you.  I assure you that I have NOT blown you off. Nor have I been slacking off; in fact, I’ve been super busy.  Most of my time away has been spent [1] trying to get a better grasp of how to best utilize & synchronize all of the social media platforms that I use, and [2] editing and organizing my Flickr photos. I’ve also been creating new jewelry pieces which I still have to photograph, edit & post (heavy sigh). As I stated in the beginning, “… Happy Eyeballz Designs is still very much a “work-in-progress…” My ultimate short-range goal is to become so proficient with the technical side of maintaining my blog that I’ll be able to go back to focusing primarily on creating jewelry.  Still, despite the technological challenges I continue to encounter, this whole blogging thing is starting to become much easier for me.  And a helluva lot more fun!

Ennyhoo, below is a list all of the social media platforms used by Happy Eyeballz Designs and links that will take you directly to them.





Flickr Profile:

Flickr Photostream:

Flickr Group:

Now that I’ve managed to get lots of the necessary “technical stuff” out of the way, as soon as I can I’m going to complete the new pieces I’ve been working on, then photograph, edit and post the photos. So, until the next time we chat…

… go forth and Birth Something Beautiful.


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