Let’s Play! (Or, In This Case, Replay.)

Metal Statement Necklace w/Custom Made Hammered Clasp by Happy Eyeballz Designs

I first made this Statement Necklace in 2014. I fashioned it from components that I scored at an auction that my dear friend, Ann S-P.  took me to. I tell you, the woman is  an auction wizard! I had never been to an auction before, so she guided me every step of the way. I’m eternally grateful to Ann because by the time the bidding was over I had made out like a fat rat in a cheese factory!

Ennyhoo, I’ve decided to make another similar Statement Necklace from the same basic components. You’ll notice that the first necklace is bound together with black cord and knots, and finished with accenting metal beads and  a  custom hammered clasp. I love the look of the cord and beads, but this time around I want to bind the necklace with  different findings. To be honest, I haven’t decided yet exactly what I want the necklace to look like, but that detail will have been worked out by the time I make my next post.

So, until we chat again, continue to Birth Beautiful Things!


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