2014 Statement Necklace Redux (Twice)

Howdy, Folks!

2014 Statement Necklace (Click to enlarge.)

I’m back from my brief health care hiatus & feeling MUCH better. My creative mojo has returned and I’ve been busy working on 2 variations of a past project. I’m updating  & modifying a Statement Necklace that I first made back in 2014.


As I mentioned in a previous post, the first necklace was comprised of miscellaneous, one-of-a-kind components I scored at an auction that my dear friend  Ann S-P  took me to, and it was bound together by knotted cord. It was simply made but had a dramatic flair.

[Front] 2018 Statement Necklace Redux, V-1 (Click to enlarge.)

And here we are now.  To create the first of these 2 updated versions I used stainless steel jump rings and initially, 24 gauge  Craft Wire to connect the components, specifically:  black, puffed oval metal bars and silver colored square, faceted metal beads. The silver-gray colored jump rings worked very well in binding the components together, and also added color contrast to the visual appeal. However, the Craft Wire that I initially used turned out to be totally unsuitable. I tried FOUR FRIGGIN’ TIMES  to make it work, but it just wasn’t happening. After being stabbed & scratched repeatedly and/or having the wire break just as I thought I was finished, I finally gave up on it.

[Back] 2018 Statement Necklace Redux, V-1 (Click to enlarge.)

By that time, I was SO frustrated that my next impulse was to throw myself (AND the stinkin’ piece) from the nearest window!  Fortunately, it also then occurred to me to instead try using Beading Wire and a crimp to affix the beads. [Note the details on the Back view.]

YAAAYYYY! Finally – SUCCESS! Mind you, that’s after fartzing around with just the first gosh darn version for at least 2 SOLID hours. It was worth it though; success is ALWAYS better late than never.

[Front] 2018 Statement Necklace Redux, V-2 (Click to enlarge.)
[Back] 2018 Statement Necklace Redux, V-2 (Click to enlarge.)

Now, the second modification progressed much more smoothly because I was aware of the challenges involved with inserting the jump rings, and I didn’t use beads this time. Instead, I used the metal puffed oval bars, and “dog bone” bars made of the same material. Despite being made from the same components, the pieces are very different in appearance. As in the first piece, the silver-gray colored jump rings add to the visual appeal by providing color contrast in addition to allowing movement.

Ennyhoo, the last thing I need to do is decide how I want to finish these updated Statement Necklaces. There are lots of options to choose from: should I use chain? How about ribbon?  Macrame? Beaded wire? At this point I’m quite open to suggestions. In the meantime, I’ll ruminate on the matter and get back to you when I figure it out.

Until we chat again, go forth & Birth Beautiful Things!


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